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CATCH THESE ON ITUNES - PODCASTS  # 738 THINKING OF YOU (JAN 22, 2018),  # 744 LINGER ON LOVE (FEB 2, 2018),  # 755 LEGACY GHOST (FEB 21, 2018)

Live on Worldwide Airplay & Promotion on #1 Award-Winning Women…

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Dirt Road Tom Show

Friday March 2nd  Call in if you enjoyed the show!!.♥️♥️ 

I will be LIVE @ "between 8:30 - 9:00 am and a live interview following, join us!  

STUDIO On-The-Air - 541-323-1774  

346th Show!  

Here is…

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LIVE ON MARCH 2, 2018 - The Dirt Road Tom Show featured "LINGER ON LOVE" off of my "Just Believe" CD. A live interview sharing how I got started in music and a special dedication to my dad…

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July 13, 14 and 15th with 4 shows at the King County Fair has been great. I hope you had a chance to catch one of the days, enjoyed the fair and music! 

Another fun event!

FolkLife 2017

Folklife - A smile to a child